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Our main product we sell is our banners at the current time we have three banners, our single photo banner. This is how we started both sides of the banner are identical.           
The second banner we have is our two photo banner, this has two seperate photos one for each side of the banner. This banner serves two needs. One if the person being honored served in more than one branch of the military, then one side will have one branch of service and the other side has the other branch served in. This also allows for long serving people to have their medals presented for each branch they served in.  The Second purpose for this banner is two honor two seperate heroes one on each side of the banner, and has text to correspond with the photo. This helps families with more than one family hero save money, and honor more people.

Our third banner is a two photo banner with one photo presented as normal and the  second image is lightened in transparency to give a spirit image that is translucent. Both sides of this banner are the same image, we are willing to listen to our customers suggestions.

Eugene Burgess FB.jpg
Single Photo banners are                  $200.00

Dual Photo Banners are                    $270.00
All banners come with a three year warranty against failure or  vandalism, this includes all costs, of producing, hanging / removal, storage, and hanging hardware for hanging.
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This banner was a personal mission to honor my fallen brother, with the intentions to make it available to the public. I invested a enormous amount of time and energy into this design and a lot of adjustments so this would work with our process. I also had outside assistance and worked extensively with Christos our photo restorationist. Rose Tullis helped with this concept and we are grateful for her help. I do this work to honor service and this banner represents that effort and mission.
"To Honor is To Remember, To Remember is To Speak Their Name" 
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Our Post

This was created for a client living in a town without our program, that owns their property or has their landlords written permission. The post when installed is eight ft. tall and 4 1/2" square, with 4 ft. buried and tamped in (no concrete).This will support our standard 2 ft. X 4 ft.banner. This post is $95.00 if you return it when no longer needed I will buy it back for $65.00. Everything above the ground is vinyl or aluminum painted white.
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Banner Decals

These are vinyl decals that are printed from the banner print proof, sized at 7 5/8" tall X 3 1/2" wide. These are good as vehicle or home decals that adhere well on glass or metal. these are $7.00 each, for double photo banners the decals are $11.00 per pair.
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Single  photo decal                            Dual photo decal


These are our logo & motto on a embroidered patch that is 3" in diameter. We sell these to help offset our operating cost and generate public interest. These are $10.00 each
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Patch 11_edited.png

Backlit Picture Frame

These picture frames are plastic boxes powered by batteries or a USB cable (neither included) that provide light that transmits through the photo. The frame comes with your choice of photo printed on a translucent film , These boxes have a 1 hr. or 6 hr. Timer or just on or off. They are available in a          8" x 8" size or a 5" x 7" size, photo size can be adjusted to fit frame.

8" x 8" is $ 40.00 

5" x 7" is $ 33.00

The frames are currently available in two wood grain simulated finishes, a light or dark.
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We try to add products that our customers enjoy and give good quality, we hope this fulfills this.

Coffee Mugs

11 oz Ceramic Coffee Mugs with our logo. It's a perfect addition to your home in the morning while you drink coffee or tea. We are selling these mugs for $10.00 each.
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Mini Banners

 Mini Banners is another great way to hang in your yard, they can even hang on your mailbox post. In order to make a mini banner there has to be a big banner already made.  These are 12" wide by 24" long approximately 

 Each Mini Banner is $40.00          All our Banner holders $30.00

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Mini Banner  ; $40.00

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Banner Holder Price of $30.00

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Photo Buttons

Our photo buttons are 2 1/4" in size and are custom made by a local supporter, who is willing to make small quantities which are hard to get at a commercial printer.  We will have our buttons of Ssgt.Thomas P. Seiler and our Logo in stock.
Because these orders are custom the pricing is set for each individual order.
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