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Concord For Hometown Heroes Banners

Matthew Wieczhalek-Seiler
69 Manchester St. Lot 3
Concord, N.H. 03301-5147
(603)219-6792 cell / voice / text
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Pricing and Policy

We appreciate the opportunity to pay tribute and honor to the veteran you choose to put on a banner. We feel this is a wonderful way to honor veterans and their service and sacrifice. We thank you for your support. as we expand our offerings for differant forms of banners, we will update this information as needed.

Cost and Payment

The cost of a banner for the 2020 season will be $200.00 for a single photo banner (one veteran). A dual photo banner ( two veterans, or one veteran who served in two branches of the military) is $270.00. both styles come with a warranty against failure or damage for a three year period(which covers about eighteen plus months of time hanging). This cost includes photo work, manufacturing of the banner, installing the banner in the spring,tacking down for winter storage,yearly cleaning of the banners and all other costs including the hardware for hanging of the banners, as well as all other costs. We intend to become a non-profit organization in the near future which will enable us to fundraise and thereby keep costs down.
All checks should be made payable to: Concord For Hometown Heroes Banners
we are working on adding a payment feature on our facebook page and this website.

Photo Considerations

We prefer not to receive photos in the mail, due to the risk of damage. This could be a heirloom or the only copy of a photo that is nearly impossible to replace. We are working on this issue, so for the the current situation, please contact us and we will make arrangements.

Photos from social media are unacceptable since they will not look decent once they are enlarged. The photo of your hero on the banner will be 24 in. wide x 26 in. high, or maybe taller.

We take great pride in our photo work done a professional Restorationist, who puts his heart and soul into his work. He works on a contract price for us and his support makes it possible for us to keep our prices affordable, and it is the same with our commercial printer.

We prefer to work with the most original copy of a photo you can supply. Not all copies are the same as the original. Many copies of a photo are resized or printed in a lower resolution than the original,so this gives our Restorationist less data to work with. since the photos on our banners are enlarged and manipulated multiple times during our process, the best result are obtained with the highest starting resolution. 

Printing Sign Off and Process

Once an application, photo, and payment are received, we can start the process of creating your personalized banner. 
For the first step we will send you a email with a "data Sheet". This data sheet shows the text ro be displayed on the banner. The data sheet also lists any medals, in order. The first Medal on the list is placed on the bottom left of the photo The last medal on the list is placed on the bottom right of the photo. This is done according to military ranking ( that is importance ) of the medals.
If you agree to the information on the data sheet, we ask that you reply directly to our email , thereby creating a chain. We will ask you to look at our photo album of banners with medals, which we will provide. Once this is approved, we will move ontothe layout of the " Center of the Banner".

Layout of the Center of the Banner

The central part of the banner contains the following:
1. Our U.S. flag as the background. This image of the flag belongs to us and is used in all of our banners for uniformity.
2. A Restored image of the veteran, with the background removed.
3. Any Meritorious Medals earned by the veteran, with the background removed, are placed on the banner. We appreciate any verification that you can provide, such as a citation or DD 214. We do not want the original, so copies are accepted and preffered. 

Approving the Photograph Image

This work is done by our Photo Restorationist. Once completed, you will receive an e-mail containing this image. Once again, you will be asked for approval, so this is your opportunity to decide if you want to discuss placement of medals or size issues. Once this is approved, the file is sent to the Printer, where it is locked and cannot be changed without going back to the Restorationist. Once again, this approval is done via an e-mail chain for our records. 
The last and final approval you need to supply is approval of the Printer’s Proof. At this point, the only items that can be changed are textual errors. The Printer is not able to make any changes other than the text on the banner. This approval must be done by e-mail and needs to be done quickly since the next step is the final printing. The banner image sent in this email is downsized so it can be sent via email. This is necessary because most printer proofs are larger than 1 gigabyte (GB), too large for most e-mail servers. The downsized image is an exact copy without the full size and resolution of the Printer's Proof. 
Since the Printer produces banners in pairs, side by side, we caution you that it would be unfair to delay final approval since this would delay another sponsor's banner. Also, to print a single banner would waste over eight feet of material. A timely final approval helps all parties involved.
If you have any questions about this process, please ask and we will do our best to get you through it.

Approving the Printers Proff

Other Options

We can process banners honoring two different veterans, or two different photos of one veteran in different branches of the military. The change to your approval process is that you will receive two data sheets for text approval, two images for center section approval, and two Printer's Proofs for approval. The proofs would be labeled A side and B side throughout this process.


This has been a learning process for us, but our goal is to produce banners as quickly as possible and with the best results. Our Photo Restorationist, two different Printers, along with our organization, handle this entire process and this is the best approval method to get the quickest and best banners possible. Our Photo Restorationist is capable of producing reprints of your veteran at a very affordable price. This is a service the Printer provides using contract pricing. Note that the cost is additional to the banner production price.

Our Introduction 

This is our mission statement

Photo Waiver

Photo Waiver I,___________________________________________(print) the undersigned hereby grant a waiver to Concord For Hometown Heroes Banners from any responsibility, for the poor photo quality on the final banner, due to the quality of the photo submitted with the application.
I acknowledge that the photo I submitted with my application does not meet the minimum standard of 1.3 MB in size in the jpeg format, and that once enlarged to 24” wide by upto 26” inches high, at a minimum, that the quality of the photo will deteriorate.
I acknowledge that this is my choice to use this photo and Concord For Hometown Heroes Banners, is not responsible for the poor quality of final photo finish or appearance. It has been explained to me that this could result in less than desirable results.
If I decide to change the photo after seeing the proof of the center section of the banner, that this can result in extra cost due to the restoration and background removal done by Concord For Hometown Heroes Banners professional photo restorationist at the set contract rates agreed to between Concord For hometown Heroes Banners and Chris Digital Photo Print. This rate will not exceed $50.00, in accordance with our current agreement.
I understand and acknowledge that I was advised of this issue after submitting the photo for the banner honoring_____________________________________(print) for the town of ______________________________________(print) that Concord For Hometown Heroes banners operates in.


Our Proposal Packet

This is what we use to introduce ourselves to town governments to start the process of getting permission to operate in any town.
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