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We appreciate it when our clients share family photos taken at their banners.
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Our Moments

Other Missions & Our Purpose

Flag in, and Flag out
Being at funerals of vets without family
Wreaths across America, placing & removal
Always remember those who gave all

Suicide awareness flag displays

The people who make us succeed

We owe our success to the clients who buy our banners, the people who like and share our posts and other forms of our message. Our success is also because of our printers and our photo work, Raymond Lindquist of Saymore Trophy Company and Christos Dede of Chris Digital Photo & Print. Also many others who are behind the scenes an donate their time to our cause. Along with the Gold Star Families who ask us can my town get this. Others who have donated time to help us hang banner. The people who help us by printing our information and refining our designs. The other Veteran groups that support us.
We thank you all for what we have become to make a dream become reality, and the continued support we receive. I am so fortunate to do this, but not without all of you, Thank you I am eternally grateful.

Other groups that we support

We encourage our supporters to check out these organization that we feel are worthy causes.
Theses groups are veteran related and serve the community of veterans. I personally think they are genuine and trustworthy organizations.

Our Support

 We Fully support any and all efforts to recognize the Honor & Remember Flag, as a official symbol of Sacrifice for those who fall in the line of duty in military service. This support is for any reconigtion on the National , or State level 

Our Flag That Honors My Brother, the reason we exist. This Flag has great meaning to our Family.
The Presentation of The First H & S Flag in The State Of N.Y. 9, June, 2016
My Truck All Dressed Up Flying our Flags High. We as a organization Honor all Service.
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